"Twice a year, the Scandinavian fashion industry unites under a global spotlight at Copenhagen Fashion Week. We ask the celebrated designers about the event, and what it took to get there."
baum und pferdgarten

Helle Hestehave & Rikke Baumgarten - Baum und Pferdgarten
Photography by: Daniel Stjerne

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned while building a successful business?
The most important lesson we’ve learned is that a business has to have a strong foundation, and that creativity nurtures it and helps it grow. Make sure your business consist of both elements.

What sets Copenhagen Fashion Week apart from its international counterparts? 
The event is very intimate. It’s an intimacy you only get from being a small country and, compared to Paris or New York, a somewhat small fashion industry here in Copenhagen. Everybody who is a part of it has probably worked together at some point, and that familiarity creates a good spirit and respect between the brands. I think our international guests definitely feel that. It’s really hygge.