Words by: Alexandra Balota, Photography by: byTimo

If you wanna do BoHo, you need to do byTiMo! The Norwegian luxury brand brings a romantic vintage feel to modern life. 
The exclusivity is apparent at first glance, and especially the signature floral prints catches the eye. These are all done in-house which not only assures the quality of the garments but also stands as a guarantee of the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.


The high quality womenswear is designed with a strict sustainability ethos in mind. byTiMo's philosophy is that garments should be truthful, justifiable and caring about all aspects involved in the production, from fabrics to employees conditions.  


Highly creative and fashion oriented since childhood, Head Designer Tine Mollatt has experimented with fashion by knitting garments and adding details since she was old enough to thread a needle. And byTiMo is a natural extension of herself.  
“The brand is a part of my DNA!” she has at one point told Side2.
Mollat’s very personal relationship to and immense love of the brand shows in every single byTiMo garment.