Words by: Thilde Andersen
December is not only holiday season in Scandinavia, it's party season! For most Scandis at least one weekend leading up to Christmas Eve is reserved for a traditional Christmas party, referred to as Christmas Lunch. And for most people one doesn't cut it, as the invites usually roll in from both work and several different social groups.
This all might sound perfectly innocent, but don't be fooled by the lunch part. The menu at these Christmas Lunches does revolve around a lunch setting, that differ from country to country, but mostly the event is actually held at night. And the true hero of these "lunches" isn't really what's on the plates, but rather what's in the glasses.
As such Christmas Lunch guests are notoriously hydrated by schnapps and strong Christmas beer, and the result is a whole lot of headaches on Advent Sundays. But in true Scandi form the guests do look good going down, because the planning of a Christmas Lunch-outfit equals that of New Years and you're sure to find the some very welldressed party people during December.