• By Ti Mo

    By Ti Mo

    byTiMo creates garments honestly and with integrity, bringing modern romance to timeless craftsmanship. The collections are vintage inspired and designed with truthfulness, consciousness and quality in mind. Tine Mollatt created byTiMo in 2004 and is now selling dresses to girls, all over the world! #youarebeautiful
  • Baum Und Pferdgarten

    Baum Und Pferdgarten

    Baum und Pferdgarten was established in Copenhagen in 1999 by Rikke Baumgarten & Helle Hestehave, who had just graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Design. They created the brand name as an interplay between their surnames, and it reflects the dualistic playfulness, which is also echoed in their design. Their collections are filled with clashing contrasts, strong colours and memorable prints as the fundamental design DNA.


  • Designers Remix

    Designers Remix

    Designers Remix has a strong belief in using innovative high-quality materials, which underlines the experimental vibe in the creation of clothes with strong iconic silhouettes for a global audience. Charlotte Eskildsen’s unique design is manifested in the Scandi-minimalism, architecture and 3D tailoring for the modern women in a vibrant and contemporary world.


  • Filippa K Women

    Filippa K Women

    Filippa K is the epitome of cool timeless Scandinavian minimalism - designed for stylish and quality conscious men and women. The 1993 debut of Filippa K focused at essential pieces to build a wardrobe, easy to combine and long-lasting style and quality. It is still the brand essence.
  • FWSS


    FALL WINTER SPRING SUMMER is the go-to brand to update your entire wardrobe - from T-shirts to cardigans and from pants to jackets. FWSS brings pieces you need to complete your wardrobe; think slouchy sweaters, borrowed-from-the-boys jackets, feminine dresses and this season's pants silhouettes. Give your wardrobe a timeless modern twist with the latest FWSS designs. 


  • House Of Dagmar

    House Of Dagmar

    The house of Dagmar is a Swedish fashion label run by three stylish sisters. The brand specialises in statement knitwear, defined by experimental silhouettes inspired by architecture, contemporary art and culture. The look is typically Scandinavian: cool, directional and understated, with a subtle nod to seasonal trends.
  • HOPE Women

    HOPE Women

    The designers Ann Ringstrand and Stefan Söderberg founded Hope in 2001 with a vision of the brand being consistent and recognizable. Hope is therefore a lifestyle concept that exists in the field of fashion, with a special liking for original and classic design.


  • Just Female

    Just Female

    The design behind Just Female is the combination of clean lines and raw details that together create a very unique and edgy design. The Just Female collection is constructed with clean lines, raw detailing and textured finishes.


  • SAND Women

    SAND Women

    Sculptural Scandinavian silhouettes combined with southern European charm to maintain its provocative, sophisticated focus – SAND creates clothes for the way world citizens think, work and live. A fine balance between the neo-classic and sophisticated up against the twisted and quirky. And a passion for Italian fabrics tailored details and perfect cuts in every item.


  • Won Hundred Women

    Won Hundred Women

    Won Hundred has an appreciation for simplicity and understated design. A search for refined and clean lines tranforms a classic wardrobe into a modern history. A sharp eye for detailing and a love for fine qualities add to the heritage feeling of a strong and clean collection.
  • Whyred Women

    Whyred Women

    Taking good tailoring, contemporary music and the art world as its point of departure, Whyred has earned the epithet "the Indie super label”. Authentic and visionary, Whyred appeals to the confident and adventurous consumer. Whyred's ambition is to create intelligent luxury - elegant garments with a casual luxurious feel as opposed to the brash and the vulgar.
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